Galleria on Third's ability to custom frame any art works, forming a solution for the client, has made us a leader in the industry.

Galleria on Third does not use cheap ready made frames, but rather provides customized frames to confront our clients' unique taste and enviroment, whatever it may be.

Although the quality and ingenuity of the workmanship by Galleria's Framing Team often brings attention to the company, it is their ability to satisfy the clients' requirements that enables long term business relationships to develop.

Although the clients' satisfaction continues to be our best source of advertising, Galleria on Third receives a great deal of attention from the media.

The company recently have been featured on NY1, NY Daily News and Art Business News.

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NYer Of The Week: Artist Raises Thousands For Charity

New Yorker of the Week on NY1

A local artist is going above and beyond to raise money for children in need. NY1’s Jessica Abo filed the following report.

When Shadin Hossain saw a story on the news about children starving in Africa, he decided to start holding charity exhibitions in his custom framing shop, Galleria on Third, to help kids in need. Eight events later, he's raised close to $30,000 for non-profits in New York and abroad.

“This whole thing makes me feel so healthy and happy because God gave an opportunity to do something from here. I have this small gallery, and I can do benefit art shows, and my goal is to be doing it more,” says Hossain.

Roxie Cherishian has volunteered at every benefit Shadin has held in the gallery. She says what Shadin has done locally and globally makes her proud.

“He is a special, special person. He has a passion for people. If they are handicapped in any way, his heart goes out to them. He can't do enough,” says Cherishian.

From now through September, Shadin is selling artwork he created to help raise money for Smile Train. Over the years he's raised $15,000 for the nonprofit and he hopes to raise another $5,000 from this exhibit.

“Smile Train is a children's charity, and we fund money for cleft lip and cleft palette surgeries for children all around the world. He's helped 50 children since he's been with us and I'm sure he's on his way to helping 50 more,” says Troy Reinhart of Smile Train.

“When they smile, it looks so ugly, so if I can help them make the beautiful smile, that makes me happy,” says Hossain.

While his exhibit "From the Heart" is on display, 50 percent of everything sold will go to Smile Train. All of the proceeds from a Smile Train piece and picture of the Chrysler Building will also go to the organization.

“He's a small-town businessman and he could really grow and everything with revenue, but what he does is turn around and gives back,” says Reinhart.

For putting his heart where his art is to help children in New York and around the globe, Shadin Hossain is the latest New Yorker of the Week.

NY Daily News
Art Business News