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Each Canvas Transfer is custom made for each customer. During this process your selected art print is heat set onto canvas, wrapped around stretcher bars, and hand painted by artists.

The Canvas Transfer Process

Producing a canvas transfer is an intensely detailed process. Special chemicals are applied which, form a film that is meticulously separated from the paper and permanently embedded onto a high quality artist canvas. The canvas is then carefully stretched and wrapped around a sturdy, custom-cut inner support frame, called a "stretcher bar".


Then your canvas transfer is embellished with hand applied brushstrokes of transparent acrylics to recreate the additional depth, texture, and richness found on the original artwork. An artist's individual attention makes each canvas transfer a unique piece of art.

Ready to Hang "Museum Wrap"

Canvas is wrapped around the stretcher bars and stapled on the sides. White canvas will show on the sides and no part of the image is lost during this wrapping process. The stretcher bar on the back of the canvas has a saw-tooth hanger, making it ready to hang on your wall.


Differing from traditional paper art prints, a canvas transfer has a lifespan as long as any original painting or work of art. They can easily be dusted and cleaned with a damp cloth, giving years of use and enjoyment.

Easily Framed

Since there is no need to cover a canvas transfer with glass or to even mat these items, having your canvas transfer framed is easy and cost effective. A good selection of wood moldings are available for framing your canvas transfer online.

Available for Almost Any Print

You can transfer almost any print to canvas. We proudly offer the most comprehensive canvas transfer selection on the web. However in some cases, the canvas transfer process is not allowed due to copyright protections, or a request from the artist or artist's estate.

For more information on our canvas transfers, please call us at 212-683-2886 or visit our showroom today for all your framing needs!