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We’ve tried hard to grow over the years and It’s your support.

We offer museum quality custom framing for all of your framing needs be it fine art paintings, prints, posters, photos, maps, certificates, diplomas or documents. We also specialize in Kotaba and Needlepoint framing. Located in New York City.


A Special Note From the Owner

To my beloved friends and my valued customers, as an independent framing business owner, I want to make you aware of Galleria3rd’s  store hours. There is nothing comes with a 100% accuracy. Even though the website is mentioning the time and day of our service, it does not always happen to be accurate. As you know already that emergency comes without notifying us. Therefore, sometimes I have to close for the day and/or close early because of my family and/or for myself. Solving the emergency must come first right now and I feel this is what is best for the Gallery, and most importantly for me and my family. I would never want you to come to my door and return without getting the service. It would hurt your and my feelings. Therefore, I would highly request and suggest you make an appointment or give us a call before you come so that you and I know that we will be here for sure. Thank you for your friendship, patronage, and understanding. I look forward to being able to continue to earn these. 

Love & Peace.


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