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Ketubah Framing

Katubah Framing

Custom framed mirrors, any size you like, from the itty bitty to the largest mirror you can fit in your home; beveled and non-beveled, polished, tinted, etched mirrors (company logos etc.), even two way mirrors...

Diploma, Award, and
Certificate Framing

You should consider featuring document framing in your home whether a wedding certificate (Ketubah) or a child’s scholastic achievement award or an unborn’s baby ultrasound photo...

Shadow Boxing

Galleria On Third creates a stunning piece of art to surround your most precious valuables. We can turn your memories into ART!

Needlework Framing

We frame all needlepoint in a 'gallery-style' frame; this is a more contemporary style and complements any décor. When framing needlepoint, the glass is set away from the canvas rather than pressed up against it, which allows the needlepoint to "breathe".

Sports Memorabilia and Jerseys

Many people don’t consider object framing until they see our samples. “Wow!” Can you frame that?” Sure, you’ve seen or may even own a framed sports jersey, but what about a communion dress or baby’s first onesie?


Ketubah Framing

The beauty of getting an artisan ketubah is to display it for all to see and appreciate. Here we give you our key wedding moments and places to display your ketubah, and in your home afterwards for years to come.

Seeking a more budget-conscious option? Now you can opt for Galleria On Third’s Standard “DIY” Frame. Your ketubah will come to you professionally mounted in a beautiful, archival frame but without the acrylic front inserted. This gives you easy access for signing the ketubah. Then before you display the ketubah, you’ll want to take the frame apart and insert the acrylic in a simple process that takes just minutes. It’s then ready to show at your wedding or reception or to be hung on your wall at home. Each frame includes a single, double or triple mattes.

Where to Hang?

In Your Home: Treat your ketubah like the piece of artwork that it is. Couples have it professionally framed, hung and displayed in their new home as a reminder of their wedding vows and commitment to one another.

Your Living RoomMake the: ketubah the heart of your home. Over the years your home will  fill with pieces of memories and meaning – start that collection with the first piece you chose together that your friends and family witnessed. It makes for  a great conversation piece with guests  and  you can tell the story how you, as a couple, came to choose that ketubah.

Your Bedroom: Your bedroom is an intimate space you as a married couple share, making it the perfect room to hang your ketubah. Amy, thought it was the perfect spot for their ketubah, “It’s over our bed. It just felt like the right place for it. Our bedroom is decorated with things that are personal to us and our journey together. It’s also a nice reminder every morning and every night of our love and the commitment we made to each other.” It’s the second best thing to wake up to.